A photograph of the Haflinger pony Avalon The first series of pastel drawings featured my own Haflinger ponies

Quoted from The Haflinger Society of Great Britain.

" Haflingers were first imported into Great Britain in the 1960s. They were the native horses from the Alpine farms of Austria and have a long history on the Continent. In the South Tyrol, where the breed originated, stallions have been registered for nearly one hundred years, and organised breeding by a government department has been in operation for more than fifty years.

The Haflinger breed was established by crossing the native Tyrolean pony with Arab blood brought back from the Continental Wars with the Turks - the result was a combination of native hardiness with spirit and elegance.

Haflingers are now established in many different countries on all five continents. Their versatility, kindly temperament and charming appearance ensure popularity worldwide."

To find out more about these wonderful ponies visit The Haflinger Society of Great Britain web site.

A photograph of the Haflinger pony Ambelia